About Us

About iLumi Sciences Inc.

iLumi Sciences, Inc. was spun off from a fiber optics oriented company in 2011. Our company was founded by glass and fiber optics specialists together with medical and dental professionals to develop and manufacture medical and dental products. Based in Northern Virginia, we utilize our core technology in optical glass and fiber optics to improve and refine medical and dental products that require light and image. All of our products are patented, tested and approved by experts. We seek to present innovative and intelligent solutions that doctors and dentists will appreciate.

Exceptional light transmission

Radiopacity > 5X

Strength > 1000Mpa

Elasticity similar to dentin


What we do

Currently, iLumi manufactures the following products:  Glass Optical Fiber Posts (Root Canal Posts), Fiber Optic Light Guides for Dental Handpieces and Otoscopes, Braided Bioactive Glass Fiber for Orthopedic and Dental Implants. We specialize in technologically advanced fiber optic products. Our products have all unique characteristics and physical features to provide the best options for use. Each product uses fiber optic technology to enhance dental and medical products that require Light Transmission, Image, and X-Ray Visibility.

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