Highest Fiber Density

Higher fiber density transmits more light and better flexural strength

Unmatched Light Transmission

Highest light intensity among all competitors.

>5X Radiopacity

Best radiopacity available in the market.

Uniform structure and excellent strength

High flexural strength and low modulus of elasticity.

Dr. Louis S. Wilson, D.D.S, Skinner & Ossakow DDS and Associates. McLean, VA.

I have used iLumi Fiber Optic Posts in the practice and have found the fit to be excellent. The tapered design and illumination have made for a very secure post. I also love the safety feature of the drills that remove gutta percha and are not excessive in dentin removal. The fit of the post is excellent, and the stoppers is a great idea. I look forward to using them and will recommend them to our other offices.

Dr. David Kurtzman, DDS, FAGD, FICD. Marietta, GA.

After learning about the iLumi fiber optic endodontic posts at a continuing education seminar and considering the benefits of these posts, we decided to give them a try. They were everything that was promised! Easy to use, well sized and gave a complete and through cure due to the excellent light conductivity of the post. They are now the only endo-posts we use

Dr. David Goldberg, Valencia CA.

I am happily ordering more Super Fiber Posts. I am very happy with the fit of these posts and my prepared post space. Not only do the posts seat well but they look perfect on the x-rays with no apical or lateral gaps and great opacity. Also, I find the composite build up material wets the post quickly with no voids. Thanks for a great product.

Dr. James A. Davis, Jr., Oro Facial Center. Atlanta, GA.

I have been using the iLumi post for three years and have no failures of any kind. I changed from classic cast gold post and cores and have not been disappointed. The technique is quick and reliable. I also like the fact that I can cure down the length of the post, using it like an extension of the wand tip, to insure complete curing of my cement.

Dr. Patrick Blaney, Patrick C. Blaney, D.D.S. Westmont, IL

I have been using your fiber post for several years and they are my favorite posts I have ever used. I have not had any fractured teeth since using them and am especially fond of the fact that the cement is cured to the apex of the post due to them transmitting the light fiber optically. They are easy to cut and also blend in well with the tooth and or composite build up material.

Dr. Colin Suzman, Stonecreek Dentistry. Irvine, CA.

One of the biggest concerns I had using a fiber post in the past was it was always a little sketchy on an x-ray but with the iLumi Super Fiber Post it lights up like metal. You can snap cure your adhesive and prep immediately with profound light curing transmission of post. The drills are tapered and seems to cut better than other drills I’ve used in the past. iLumi is my go-to system, it should be yours too!

Dr. Gabriel A. Chamblin, Chamblin Gabriel A DDS. Spanish Fort, AL.

I began using the iLumi posts in December 2015 at the recommendation of Dr. John Burgess at the University of Alabama Birmingham. I have been impressed and satisfied with them.

Dr. Peter Serratelli D.D.S, Mt. Arlington Family Dentistry. Mt. Arlington, NJ.

Dear iLumi team, we love using the iLumi Posts! Your tapered post drills allow us to conserve as much internal tooth structure as possible with the intention of eliminating future root fracture. Effective curing at the base of the post and throughout the core is always a concern. I believe you guys solved that potential issue with your light transmitting posts. The entire procedure is quick, easy and painless for the patient. It’s important that our patients receive the best treatment, incorporating the latest and greatest in technology aids us in achieving these goals. A big thanks to the entire iLumi team!

Dr. Lee D. Smulen DMD, Smulen Dental. Irvington, NJ.

We recently purchased your iLumi post and I must say it is the best fiber post I have ever used in Dentistry. The way it flexed though the post it makes the material adhere quicker.

Dr. Jean Monat, Urgence Dentaire a Montreal. Montreal, Canada

Highly above expectation for reconstruction of a tooth with these iLumi super fiber posts and they are really the best item in the dental market. I always got excellent results to reinforce any weak tooth. Satisfaction is guaranteed!